On Entertainment

The most powerful thing about entertainment of any kind is that it is impossible to take it back once you experience it. It’s not that wrong-size shirt you got for Christmas. It is always with you, and you can never return it, for better or worse (In this case, for better could be read here as Submarine and for worse could be Epic Movie).

I will always remember the way I felt first reading The Giver; exhilarated by the story and the characters that, as a 10 year old, I intensely identified with. I passionately enjoy dystopian movies, TV shows and books today because of the impact The Giver had on me.

I absolutely hated the story and plot of Avatar, but the experience of watching a visually-stunning movie created in a groundbreaking way is something I’ll always have (that, and an uncontrollable eye roll every time someone says they loved it).

I remember first watching The Office and thinking, “This is what all TV should be.” It triggered a nearly academic interest in and passion for the small screen that I’m confident I’ll have for the rest of my life.

The first Broadway show I saw was The Lion King. Since then, I’ve loved other shows more (In the Heights, Matilda, Billy Elliot…), but I have never again experienced the chills I had when I walked into the theater for the first time; the absolutely pure joy I felt when the music first swelled. At intermission, I was on the verge of tears simply because I was finally experiencing something I had been dreaming of.

The majority of my blog posts are me critiquing and criticizing TV shows and commercials. But I just wanted to take a moment to say, even if I hate a book, a movie, a show, a musical; I am so glad it’s there, because, for someone, it’s going to be life-changing. For someone out there, that experience is going define their tastes, their work and their decisions for the rest of their life. And that is worth it.


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