To my dearest Community…

Tonight could very well be the last time a new episode of Community ever airs. There’s a certain amount of worry in the pit of my stomach every time a season of Community ends (or it gets pulled abruptly off-air midseason…or NBC changes the definition of October 19…or they change showrunners…or…you know). But there’s something about tonight. There are a few things that have me feeling a little more pessimistic (or, as my father would say … realistic):

The gang is graduating tonight. It’s NBC’s chance to bow out “gracefully” with “completed” “arcs” for all the characters.

Chevy Chase is gone. Though they’ve proved they can get along without him…you can only have Pierce donate so many organs to his half-brother before you have to awkwardly kill him off because, you know, he doesn’t have any organs left…and I don’t want Pierce to die.

Dan Harmon only ever wanted four seasons (though we the fans and Abed cry out for #sixseasonsandamovie)…it works with his quadrant-style story-telling.

if years were seasons this december would be the december of our december

I mean LOOK at this clock from the musical Christmas episode. It’s literally Dan Harmon’s four-part summary of the show

And finally, do we really want more?

I mean, really, do we?  I love these characters, but I don’t want them to overstay their welcome. I don’t want to have rocky (or even horrible) seasons to have to gloss over (e.g. Seven and Eight of The Office). I’m content with what we’ve gotten and I want to say good-bye to some of my all-time favorite TV characters** while our relationship is still relatively unscathed.  It’s not real life, so why not end this relationship while we still all feel good about each other?

I believe that those who worked on the show have made peace with the show’s finicky existence and were able to appreciate what they had. I think it’s time we as fans did the same. So, listen to the theme song, remind yourself of the genius jokes and moments we’ve been given, and look up pics/gifs/vids of your favorite moments.

When 8 o’clock rolls around, settle around your TV and toast to what could be the end of Community: a show bigger than all of us. A show that gave us paintball and claymation, chicken fingers and poisonous monkey gas and asked only for our love (and 30 minutes of our Thursday night) in return.

**This great article by Dustin Rowles looks back at how the characters have changed since the beginning. I disagree with his view that Pierce is the same; but I’ve also watched the Pilot quite a few more times than he has.


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