It’s October 20th: The Day After Community’s Return

It’s February 8, the eve of Nemo, the start of snowmaggedon. I sit curled up in my Brooklyn apartment as the snow swirls outside. I munch on Garrett Popcorn’s Chicago Mix. In my mind, however…

It’s October 20th, the day after Community’s premiere. I’m in a different apartment in Brooklyn. I’ve been living in New York for a little over two weeks, sightseeing and job-hunting non-stop. I’ve just watched the premiere for the second time on Hulu.  

And, even with its changes and quirks, it’s good. I’m surprised to hear the critics hate on it, but I remain staunchly optimistic. Yes, the pacing is off (especially in that scene where Troy and Britta fight in the fountain … Dan Harmon would not have edited it like that), but Andy Bobrow’s script is classic Community. The traditional sitcom parody is spot on, playfully addressing fan’s fears about the show under new showrunners David Guarascio and Moses Port (and adeptly using Fred Willard) with a superb opening credits sequence. 

Love this. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love this.

Yes, the Hunger Deans are a little too much, and the Annie/Shirley story has no legs, but the continued meta-ness of Abed TV carries the episode to awesome heights for me (I’d totally watch Greendale Babies … forever). Yes, Dan Harmon is gone. Yes, that sucks. But, no, Community is not gone. Community remains. The cast and the crew are still working hard, and, as Huey Lewis would phrase it, the heart is still beating. The best show on TV is not exactly what it once was, but it still fills me with joy. 

And, in about 3 months, when I’ve moved into a new apartment, and I’m attending Harmontown at my favorite Brooklyn venue, I’ll feel at peace with Dan Harmon’s absence from the show, because he’s doing just fine, and, darn it, the show is too … the Halloween and Christmas episodes were spectacular …

… in the present, the snow piles up on the fire escape. Time for more popcorn…or maybe a cupcake. I’m a snowstorm snacker. As I head to the kitchen, I wonder how well a Halloween episode will go over on Valentine’s Day.*

*Seriously, though. In the face of no promotion and the behemoths that are American Idol and Big Bang TheoryCommunity managed to get higher ratings than it did during its last season premiere AND higher ratings than Smash and 30 Rock … shows that got plenty of promotional boosting.  However, that was after a crazy long hiatus that may have impacted things. I’m concerned about next week. Historically, the Halloween episodes of Community perform pretty well, but that’s when they air near/on Halloween. What happens when it airs on Valentine’s Day? Tune in next week to find out.


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