Notes on New York: Grocery Bags

I’ve now lived in New York for 145 days. With every new day, I have revelations and realizations about my favorite NY-based TV shows and films. For example, sometimes, a gag isn’t just a joke, it’s 100-percent based in reality. Read the rest of this entry »


It’s October 20th: The Day After Community’s Return

It’s February 8, the eve of Nemo, the start of snowmaggedon. I sit curled up in my Brooklyn apartment as the snow swirls outside. I munch on Garrett Popcorn’s Chicago Mix. In my mind, however… Read the rest of this entry »

Understanding the OTP, or Why Jim and Pam are breaking my heart right now

With the awesome interaction between Nick and Jess on New Girl earlier this week and the really depressing interactions between Jim and Pam* on The Office last week and this week, I’ve spent a little time mulling over TV romance. What is it about these characters and their decisions that fill us with alternating feelings of joy, angst and despair? What is it exactly that makes fan girls on Tumblr do this: Read the rest of this entry »