Top 5: Characters I Connect With

We all have those characters we just “get.” The ones where we watch an episode and go, “Okay, were the writers standing outside my house last week?” As a pop culture-loving 20-something, I tend to connect with a lot of characters, but I’m 99 percent sure that the creators of the following five characters have tapped my phone calls and most likely know my shoe size, birthplace and favorite childhood toys.

5) Sue Heck, The Middle – If there was an embodiment of my hopes, dreams and quirks from ages 13 – 15, Sue Heck would be that vessel. She’s wholeheartedly invested in her friends, family and passions. She’s the ultimate dork, and she unabashedly embraces whatever life throws at her. I may not have been quite as consistently optimistic as Sue, but I was just as clumsy, dorky, and, I’ll say it, poorly dressed. I get Sue, and I love watching her misadventures every week. It takes me back to my Harry Potter-loving, scrapbook-making and flamingo-pranking* days.

4) Schmidt**, New Girl – Oh, are you surprised to see Max Greenfield’s break-out character on this list, rather than Zoey Deschanel’s adorable Jess? Don’t be. I may have big blue eyes like Jess, but like Schmidt, my last name starts with a “Sh-” sound; I have ugly toes; I lost a decent amount of weight after college; and I can be a little douche-y … about grammar (though I try my best not to be … after all, we all make mistakes). I also love over-pronouncing chutney, but I only started doing that after Schmidt did. What can I say? He’s a trendsetter!

3) Annie Edison, Community – If Sue Heck is me in middle school, Annie Edison is me in high school and, to a certain extent, college: academically over-zealous and type-A. I was Annie in high school (minus the pill addiction). I wanted to be involved in (and perfect at) everything school-related. I identify with Annie’s quirks. What seals the deal, though, is Annie’s fashion. I love printed dresses with flats and cardigan sweaters. (I once had the realization while watching Community that Annie and I were wearing the same outfit, and I was thrilled, even if the Dean wouldn’t be.)

2) Jesse Pinkman, Breaking Bad – Okay, okay, so I’m not a meth cook or dealer. What makes me connect with Jesse? We often have the same thoughts. You see, I have a habit of yelling at the TV*** while watching Breaking Bad. (It’s like it’s a thrilling drama that really draws you in, or something! ) More than once, I’ve shouted my feelings at the screen, and Jesse has immediately said the same thing. The first time it happened, I thought it was a coincidence, but after the second and third times … well, I think that Jesse may be my twin brother from another mother … and father … in a fictional universe.

1) Jane Kerkovich-Williams, Happy Endings – Before Happy Endings arrived on the scene, Annie Edison would have been the best TV reflection of my personality. But then, Happy Endings creator David Caspe gave me the gift of Jane Kerkovich-Williams. Jane is ferociously driven and particular. She works hard, she plays hard, she loves hard, she watches TV hard … she even bakes hard. She and her husband Brad have a lovingly weird relationship that I can easily identify with. She is a fierce competitor, she’s a planner, and she pushes her friends and family to be the best they can be. But don’t worry, she’s not all bossy, go-getter. Jane likes to have fun, she likes to make ridiculous puns and she enjoys push-ups (“shups”), giving inanimate objects personalities and lake houses. She’s weird and proudly aware of it. And, I look forward to seeing her, and all the other Happy Ending characters every week, so, please, ABC, do me a solid and don’t cancel Happy Endings. (You already took Don’t Trust the B from me, Fox took Ben and Kate, and, let’s face it, Community has a popsicle’s chances in hell of getting a fifth season.) Please give me this one.

How could you say “cancelled” to a face like this?

* Shout out to my home girl Jordan, with whom I shared a love of the lawn flamingos in The Sims and a passion for gag-gifting that culminated with Jordan Ding-Dong-Dashing my front yard with flamingo decorations.

** Schmidt’s first name has not been revealed, as far as I know. I did my research, and no one seems to know. I’m looking forward to hunting down that Easter egg, or maybe we’ll get a whole episode dedicated to it. I wouldn’t complain.

*** This talking to the TV habit got me in trouble with my boyfriend in the mid-series finale of Doctor Who, “The Angels Take Manhattan.” Let’s just say, when a very climactic, emotional scene is happening on a rooftop, Jason doesn’t appreciate when you keep shouting about how no one is looking at the Statue of Liberty. Which reminds me, I moved to New York not long after that episode aired,  and I was a little paranoid until I realized you can and should see the Statue from parts of Brooklyn.


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