5 Predictions for the 2013 Golden Globes

The Golden Globes snuck up on me this year. I checked the date on a whim earlier today and – WAH-BAM! – discovered that it’s happening Sunday. This Sunday! In my defense, I just moved into a new apartment, and things have been crazy hectic…but enough about my personal life, onto the least important TV/Film event the awards season offers us. Here are my TV-related predictions for the night. (No movie predictions here, this ain’t a big-screen blog! Though, I will say that I would love to see Argo go home with Best Picture. That movie was enthralling.)

1) The hosts will be hilarious … and awesome.

NBC finally let Ricky Gervais and all his shenanigans go, and they found WAY better replacements: Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. When they announced this back in 2012, I was dance-in-my-chair excited (I’m pretty sure I was sitting at the time); after all, they selected two of my favorite comedians, and they only picked lady-hosts! Amy Poehler has always made her nominations (especially at the Emmy awards) entertaining, and Tina Fey is comedy gold when presenting awards (especially with Jon Hamm). Together, as the hosts, they’ll be comedy gold! And I’ve got my fingers crossed for some Fey/Hamm interaction at some point.

2) The Newsroom could finally win something.

I haven’t watched Best Drama nominee The Newsroom, and cannot 100 percent confirm its quality or lack there of, but, based on my readings, I can make an educated guess that it is not as good as Homeland or Breaking Bad … shows that are also nominated in the category. However, lucky for The Newsroom, the Golden Globes are decided by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and they’re notorious for giving awards to shows about journalists. I’d say there’s an 70 percent chance it’ll take the award home. (30 percent chance they could swing the foreign angle instead and go for Homeland for the second year.)

3) Smash will not win anything. 

I’m still convinced it’s a counting error that got the show nominated for Best Series – Comedy or Musical. Or, maybe since Glee broke the musical barrier, it’s required that least one musical makes the nominee list? Either way, there’s no way Smash is going up against Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Girls and Episodes and coming away with an award. Thank goodness.

4) Game Change will win best mini-series/TV movie. 

I don’t have any explanation for this one. It’s a TV movie that panders to liberal journalists. It’ll do just fine.

5) I will remained baffled by this category, no matter who wins.


a. Max Greenfield – NEW GIRL
b. Ed Harris – GAME CHANGE
c. Danny Huston – MAGIC CITY
d. Mandy Patinkin – HOMELAND
e. Eric Stonestreet – MODERN FAMILY

When will Max Greenfield and Mandy Patinkin ever be in the same category again?  It’s cray. And I hope it won’t be the only cray thing that happens. I’m looking forward to someone getting drunk and doing this, or something like it:

Happy Golden Globes viewing everyone!


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