Top 5: Characters I Connect With

We all have those characters we just “get.” The ones where we watch an episode and go, “Okay, were the writers standing outside my house last week?” As a pop culture-loving 20-something, I tend to connect with a lot of characters, but I’m 99 percent sure that the creators of the following five characters have tapped my phone calls and most likely know my shoe size, birthplace and favorite childhood toys. Read the rest of this entry »


5 Predictions for the 2013 Golden Globes

The Golden Globes snuck up on me this year. I checked the date on a whim earlier today and – WAH-BAM! – discovered that it’s happening Sunday. This Sunday! In my defense, I just moved into a new apartment, and things have been crazy hectic…but enough about my personal life, onto the least important TV/Film event the awards season offers us. Here are my TV-related predictions for the night. (No movie predictions here, this ain’t a big-screen blog! Though, I will say that I would love to see Argo go home with Best Picture. That movie was enthralling.) Read the rest of this entry »