Chevy Chases Away Christmas Cheer

I’m gonna drop some common knowledge on ya’ll:
1) Chevy Chase left Community with two episodes left to film.
2) I really like my pun-filled title to this post. I hope you enjoyed it as well.
3) He was kind of a jerk about Community; repeatedly insulting the creator, his cast mates and the fans.
4) He’s notorious in Hollywood for being kind of a jerk about most things. He once referred to sitcoms as “the lowest form of television.”
5) He did this Old Navy Commercial:

It’s a Christmas Vacation reunion that I find absolutely painful to watch (Unrelated: I find Christmas Vacation itself painful to watch, but even fans of the film hate this commercial). It’s awkward, loud and overdone. But, mostly, it’s sad. Chase is aware that he’s past his prime. He’s got to be.

A man has to have a lot of hubris to leave Community, call it horrible and unfunny, and then turn around and do this commercial. (Crazy debt could also be a possible motivator, but, then, why would he leave Community?) Old Navy commercials are always cheesy, colorful and obnoxious, but it’s usually in that way your youngest cousin is obnoxious when he says “pwease” and “psketti.” 75 percent of the time, it’s cute. This commercial is awful at ALL TIMES, FOREVER.

Alternatively, the Spanish version without Chase is your traditional Old Navy fare. One might even say I enjoyed watching it, by comparison!

SIDE NOTE/POSSIBLE GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT: While we’re on the topic of former Community actors in commercials, anybody else notice Professor Slater (Lauren Stamile) in the latest Cascade ad? It always throws me when I recognize an actor or actress in a commercial (unless the whole point is for them to be recognized, e.g. the above blog post).

I like my household product/cereal/car rental commercials to have unknowns. That way, when that person does get famous, it’s on their episode of True Hollywood Story, and it gets a good chuckle. (Do they still do True Hollywood Story?  I could Google it, but I’ll just ask you.) I feel like Stamile is too good to be doing Cascade commercials; but I guess Community and Burn Notice haven’t gotten her enough recognition yet? (Or she really loves those Complete Action Pacs?)

Let’s get this woman a regular gig, folks! Call or write a letter to your congressman/woman and let him/her know that enough’s enough! Stamile needs, nay deserves, a lead role in a basic cable drama; I’m thinking that new AMC drama, Halt & Catch Fire should have something that would work … Stamile would look good in 80s geek glasses.


2 Comments on “Chevy Chases Away Christmas Cheer”

  1. i don’t know if it’s because it’s in a different language or if it’s because the griswold element is removed, but it definitely feels like the spanish version is far more solid a spot. Odd. And it’s too bad, too. I loved chevy in three amigos… all down hill from there.

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