“Earth-Shattering” Question

Okay, so it’s probably not actually earth-shattering, but I do have a big question for myself: Do I have a new favorite network? I’ve been trying to deny the fact that ABC and FOX have sidled their way into my viewing schedule and my heart, but after what NBC did to me the other night, it’s hard to ignore.

Oh, what’s that you say? You didn’t hear? NBC has delayed Community for an indeterminate amount of time. Yep. What was supposed to return on Oct. 19, will now return…sometime? It’s unfortunate for a number of reasons, but the one I keep coming back to is the delay of  one of the best parts of the show: the Halloween episode. When it airs, it will no longer make sense, and the show will, once again, disenfranchise new viewers. I would say that NBC has hurt me for the last time, but who am I kidding? I can’t stop watching 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation and, clearly, Community. I can, however, do something that will actually not affect them at all, but it will at least make me feel better; I can claim a new favorite network.

But which network  will I choose? CBS is out on the simple principle that Two and a Half Men still exists and  that upsets me. CW should technically be in the running, given that I’m in the network’s target demo (young, middle class, female), but I’m not a huge fan of vampires, gossip or dixie (I do love America’s Next Top Model, but it’s a sarcastic, heckling love). As someone who didn’t have cable until she was high school, I don’t include cable networks in this competition; they weren’t there for me in the days of bunny ears and tin foil like the big four were. So, that leaves me with FOX and ABC. Both have added shows in the past two years that have decent levels of quirk and high levels of quality. They’ve also embraced shows with women at the center of the story, and I appreciate seeing my gender more represented on TV.

Breaking down the numbers, I watch 8 FOX shows and 5 ABC shows. (Yes, yes – man, Sarah, that’s a lot of TV. When do you find time to bust a move or write these fabulous blog posts? – two words: time travel online streaming) So, there’s more FOX shows, but let’s talk quality programming.

There’s one show on each network that just “gets me.” On ABC, that’s Happy Endings, which might as well be Community 2.0 considering the writing staff crossover, and on FOX, there’s Ben and Kate. Happy Endings has one of the highest jokes per minute rate on TV right now, and Ben and Kate has an ensemble cast that melts your heart and makes you laugh simultaneously. Ben and Kate also wins for best use of children (i.e. very little). Happy Endings wins for best use of the word “amazing.” Both of them should be added to your regular viewing schedule. But, which one pulls their network into the lead and the highest honor of “Sarah’s Favorite Network”?

You tell me. Watch them both (Happy Endings here and Ben and Kate here) and let me know what you think via comment, Facebook post, tweet, etc. And, if no one votes, NBC reigns supreme.


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