You got me, Left Twix!

Usually, when there’s a great commercial on, I nod appreciatively, murmuring my approval of the creator’s wit, creativity or sheer gusto. I usually don’t have the desire to immediately go out and buy the product. However, the current Twix campaign got me. All I wanted to do after seeing the commercial was buy a Twix and eat the “left” one (That is, after checking to see how the campaign translated to Facebook Timeline…and I was right, it translated really well).

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s all get on the same page by watching the initial commercial.

Twix (and BBDO, the agency behind the campaign) have done a few things really well with this campaign:

1) Created clever political satire in an election season. Two parties that are nearly identical overdramatically arguing semantics and minutiae? Split between the “right” and the “left”? Where have we seen that before? Kudos on timeliness, BBDO!

2) Represented the brand as playful and self-aware. The tone of the commercial is perfect, and Twix seems very willing to make fun of its self (fictional past and all). Few know why there are two Twix in a package instead of one, so why not give a reason? And, even though the sides are identical (and interchangeable, depending on how you flip the packaging), it’s easy to get caught up in the fun of choosing Right or Left Twix.

3) Made repetitive product descriptions funny and appealing instead of boring. It’s still a commercial, so they’ve got to sell something! Because of the split, they get to describe everything twice, and it makes the candy twice as appealing (or at least it worked for me). It’s also means that their social media properties can really focus on product, which is normally something brands have to make an effort to balance with other content.

Facebook Timeline, with its line running down the middle of the screen, makes a perfect setting for Right and Left Twix imagery and it does not disappoint. Skimming down the page, the bars almost always fall on the correct side; I can get all those sweet Left Twix shots without any of that ridiculous Right Twix getting into my line of vision. They’re even able to promote the fun size Twix, individually wrapped for all those folks who can’t handle the tension of picking sides.

With all that awesome in one campaign, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that, the next day, my boyfriend and I went to the grocery store, bought a Twix and split it. By the way, the proper* way to open and hold the package to ensure you get the correct Twix is like this:


(*Note: The Facebook cover photo turns the package the other way. I’m going to assume that this was intentional, to increase the debate among the Twix-iticians… know, like politicians, but with Twix?)


One Comment on “You got me, Left Twix!”

  1. Debbie says:

    Loved the article. Can’t wait to get a twix.

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