NBC Thursdays: Watched on the Weekend

I’ve been in New York for the past few days, so viewing NBC comedies when they aired was not a possibility. What was a possibility was seeing Book of Mormon. And it was awesome.

Also a possibility: my pilgrimage to the NBC Store at 30 Rock. I am now the proud owner of a “Troy and Abed in the Morning” coffee mug and an “All 5 Dances” t-shirt. I almost bought an “It’s all downhill from here, Paintball 2010” hoodie, but it was very, very expensive.

Though I may not have watched NBC comedies right away this week, I was lucky enough at a showing of Relatively Speaking to have NBC comedies come to me! Who should sit behind us but Jack Donaghy’s mom — well, the actress who plays her — Elaine Strtich! When she walked up, I thought to myself, I’m scared of this woman, and I’m not sure why. I then thought, what comedy have I seen her on? Eventually,we figured it out (meaning, my boyfriend’s mother leaned over and excitedly whispered that it was Elaine Stritch!) and I happily understood where my fear was coming from…Jack’s afraid of only one thing: his mother, Colleen (and liberalism taking over America). It was great to see a 30 Rock guest star…maybe one day I’ll meet Tina Fey.


Oh, and I did eventually watch all the NBC Comedies. Arguably the BEST EPISODE OF COMMUNITY EVER.

This was my facial expression for the majority of this episode. Well, not exactly that, but there was a lot of smiling...and dancing



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