NBC Thursdays: Jokes coming faster than Chris can read Siddhartha

It’s been another whirlwind weekend where I don’t have time to sit down and blog until Sunday night.


So, when Chang married the leg, I knew I was in for a unique episode. When the study group was paired with new people to be lab partners, I got excited. I instantly thought we were going to expand the Community universe with seven new people and see how the study group will deal with people who aren’t in the study group. But then the writers threw us a curve ball, and it was actually about the study group once again getting clique-y and dissolving into angry factions. (But they still expanded the universe! We now have Todd, Iraq war veteran, father of a newborn who’s determined to graduate community college.)

I tend to get sad when the study group becomes the “mean clique” (as Professor Kane so aptly describes it), so this episode was not my favorite, but it was hilarious, if only for the Chang faux-noir voiceovers. So, if you love meanies, turtles, noir or Ken Jeong, watch this episode of Community.

Side Notes:

-“She was all dame. Legs that went all the way to the bottom of her torso. The kind of arms that had elbows.”

-Professor Kane’s monologue about legos was great…but mainly because I whole-heartedly agree.


-Apparently the salads in the Greendale cafeteria usually have beetles in them. In this episode, it’s just Annie’s hair. Gross.

-“Pierce, wake up! Jeff is going to heal us!”

-“Your love is WEIRD.”

-I’ll miss the head of security. I hope to see more of Todd. I totally would have been his lab partner.

Parks and Rec.

It was a wonderful episode of Parks and Recreation. Laughter at every turn! Burt Mackland! Gotcha Dancers! Handmade Recorders! Political Commentary! Leslie at her most anti-Eagletonian!

The B-story with Ann was a little weak, but the sheer awesomeness of Andy in this episode makes up for it. I could watch the scene where “Burt Mackland” steals the birth certificate over and over again…and you should watch it at least once.

Side Notes:

-Tom likes to ride people’s coat tails. You’ll always see him behind the successful person, “smiling and taking partial credit.”

-There’s a community group in Pawnee that’s only purpose is to put umbrella hats on homeless people when it rains.

-At the time of Leslie’s birth, the Pawnee hospital was overrun by racoons.

-Leslie speculates that Voldemort was born in Eagleton.

The Office.

I loved this episode. I love when there are hi-jinks in the warehouse. I love when Jim is extremely embarrassed. I love Andy as the boss! I’ll say it! I really enjoy it. While the Andy of season three was hilarious and need of anger management classes, this is an Andy I enjoy watching and want to see succeed. I had a list of reasons he was different from Michael, but I came up with it on my lunch break at work, and I forgot to write it down, so it got lost in all the other work.

I will write one on for the next episode. Just you wait!

Side Notes:

-I’m glad Daryl stopped moping around in self-pity. That’s not a good look for him.

-Taco air is heavier than regular air.

-“What, no Newhart fans?”

-The warehouse wins the lottery in this episode. Heday is going to spend his money investing in an energy drink for asian homosexuals.

-“Porque we es rapido.”


I’m not going to lie, I didn’t really pay attention. There were jokes?

Sweet Genius.

I was very sleepy and didn’t make it through the whole episode, so I only have three words for you: squid ink butterflies.


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