2011 Emmy Picks (or, how I learned to accept disappointment and move on)

Tomorrow’s the day of my favorite awards show. I look forward to the Emmy’s every year because I usually care more about the outcome. (This is a TV blog after all!) Starting tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be watching all of the red carpet coverage and wondering if Jane Lynch can beat last years opening number:

It’s difficult to find anything that makes me smile more than Joel McHale and Jon Hamm dancing and singing. But, regardless of how Jane Lynch does as a host (and I’m sure she’ll be fine), it’s all about the awards, right? So lets make some educated guesses! 

Best Actor – Drama

This year, because Breaking Bad didn’t qualify time-wise, someone besides Bryan Cranston gets a chance to win!

What I want: Jon Hamm in Mad Men. His acting in “The Suitcase” is absolutely AMAZING. A-MAZ-ING. (As is Jon Hamm as a comedic actor, or just standing and smiling).

What it’ll be: Steve Buscemi in Boardwalk Empire. I really, really, really want to watch Boardwalk Empire, but I don’t have HBO. However, I hear great things about it, and I just have a feeling they’re going to give it to Buscemi.

Best Actress – Drama

What I want: Elizabeth Moss in Mad Men. Her acting in “The Suitcase” is also AMAZING.  (I may be a bit biased towards Mad Men).

What it’ll be: Julianna Margulies in The Good Wife. People, and voters, seem to really love her. (Though, this category will be a close one).

Best Actor – Comedy

What I want: Steve Carell in The Office. It was his last season, and he acted like he’s never acted before.

What it’ll be: Steve Carell in The Office. Voters love to honor that last season. (And, again, Steve Carell deserves it!)

Best Actress – Comedy

What I want: Amy Poehler in Parks and Recreation. She gives it her all, and, darn it, I just love Leslie Knope!

What it’ll be: Edie Falco in Nurse Jackie. I have never watched this show, but it’ll probably be her. Voters love some Nurse Jackie.

Best Supporting Actor – Comedy (Nick Offerman should have been nominated!)

What I want: Anyone from Modern Family. They’ve got four of the six nominations, and they’re all very talented!

What it’ll be: Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family. He has the character most different from his real-life self, and the odds are in favor of a Modern Family win. (I’ll only be unhappy with the winner if it’s Chris Colfer (because he is playing himself on Glee), or if it’s Jon Cryer (because the discomfort re: Charlie Sheen will be palpable).

Best Supporting Actress – Comedy 

What I want: Allison Brie should have been nominated.

What it’ll be: It’ll be awkward since Jane Lynch is hosting. I guess it’d be nice if a lady from Modern Family won.

Outstanding Miniseries

What I want: I don’t care as long as it’s not The Kennedys.

What it’ll be: Not The Kennedys.

Outstanding Variety Series

What I want: The Daily Show. Stephen Colbert is so funny when he loses.

What it’ll be:  The Daily Show. It’s a winner!

Outstanding Reality-Competition Program

What I want: The Amazing Race. I don’t care how long this show runs, it will always be my favorite reality TV show.

What it’ll be: It’s a coin toss between Project Runway and Top Chef.  This is the new favorite style of reality competition, and both of these shows deserve it.

Outstanding Drama

Once again, some show other than Breaking Bad has a chance to win! (They won’t next year. Based on Breaking Bad‘s quality so far this season, they’ve got the 2012 award in the bag.)

What I want: Mad Men. It was a great season and I loved it!

What it’ll be: I’m not so sure. If I had watched Game of Thrones/Boardwalk Empire, I’d feel better about making a guess, but since I have not, I’ll just be crossing my fingers for Mad Men.

An absolute joke of a category Outstanding Comedy

What I want: COMMUNITY

What it’ll be: COMMUNITY. In an elaborate, last-minute, write-in campaign, Community takes the Emmy is so greatly deserves.

What I want: Parks and Recreation. Judging all the nominees based on pure comedic quality, it’s a no-brainer; of all the nominees, Parks and Recreation is the best comedy on television.

What it’ll be: Modern Family. Judging all the nominees on a curve that takes mass appeal into account, Modern Family has the best combination of comedy and fan base (and the absolutely adorable Ty Burrell). I’ll still be pulling for Parks and Recreation tomorrow night, but my hopes aren’t high; Modern Family is well-loved and fun to watch.

No matter what happens, I just want them to put on a good show. In anticipation of tomorrow, I’ll leave you with my other favorite Emmy’s opening:


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