“I love you Carpet Man!”

Before I begin the actual post…I would like to explain my silence. I moved into a new apartment (yay!) and I still don’t have cable or internet (boo). But worry not! Before the TV season begins, teleponder will be reconnected (of course, the ability of my four year-old laptop to function at that time is questionable).

Now, to the ponderings: I love a fanatic employee. Progressive’s Flo is utterly charming and the Geico gecko is the cutest little brand advocate I ever did see. Of course, there are also non-insurance brands that have obsessive employees, and one of my favorites works for Stanley Steemer.

Behold, the Stanley Steemer guy:

The Stanley Steemer guy is passionate and not afraid to say it. He’s also a floor lover and guru. He takes pleasure in rescuing a floor from any harm that may befall it, and he knows he’s the best. He’s also funny.

And this recent series of commercials featuring him covers all of the things that Stanley Steemer does well; the many types of floors and problems that Stanley Steemer can take care of are addressed one-by-one in a series of commercials that are playful, funny and modern, all with a nod to Stanley Steemer’s past commercial style (show the van, sing the song). These commercials were produced by Young & Laramore, and I’d like to give them credit for treating their client’s brand so well. I don’t have need of a carpet cleaner right now…but if I did, I’d probably be calling Stanley Steemer, and all because of the Stanley Steemer guy. I mean, who wouldn’t want this guy cleaning his or her floors?

I just have one request, Young & Laramore: can you give him a name? It seems sad that someone with such personality should have to be called the “Stanley Steemer guy.” I’m thinking Carl or Bill. Good, old-fashioned, carpet-loving names.


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