Badger and Skinny Pete Forever (Or, how I came to love Breaking Bad)

My introduction to AMC dramas was Mad Men. Looking back, considering how much I loved Mad Men at first viewing, I should’ve started watching Breaking Bad sooner. However, I am drama-averse, and it usually takes a bit of convincing for me to sit down and watch an hour-long drama (I’ll take How I Met Your Mother over House every time). Anyways, I eventually came around to watching Breaking Bad and, as of last night, I have caught up.

Breaking Bad and I had a rocky start to our relationship. Historically, I avoid shows where there’s cancer and violence, and Breaking Bad threw both of those things at me with full force in the first few episodes. What kept me going was Brian Cranston’s sheer acting skill (he has won the Best Actor Emmy EVERY SEASON), and the likability of  Aaron Paul’s drug dealer, Jesse Pinkman. After finishing the first season, I took a long break, emotionally drained by all the cancer.

After 6-12 months***, I started watching Breaking Bad again. Something changed from the first to second season (I’m guessing – SPOILER – it was the fact that Walt (Cranston) started getting better – SPOILER –), and suddenly, I was able to speed through it. The cinematography, acting and cold opens are arguably the best on television; every character is sharply written and fully realized. From the dopey drug dealers Badger, Skinny Pete and Combo to the terrifyingly insane twins [who I will not name because you should watch the show and find out who they are that way], the characters are complete; you believe they have a story, and it matters to the plot of the show. As the world expands and I’m introduced to more characters, I’m more eager to watch the next episode.

As far as the other AMC dramas are concerned I still enjoy Mad Men more, but Breaking Bad definitely has me hooked as a very close second (The Walking Dead wins for scariest).

AMC Hats
They all win for highly effective use of hats.

***My boyfriend and I cannot, for the life of us, remember when we watched season 1 of Breaking Bad. It was either last summer, July-ish, or December. If anyone knows the whereabouts/whenabouts of our BB viewing, please contact me via the comments or Twitter @sheppas.


Harry Potter 7.2

I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. Have been since I was 11. I’m counting down to the next film and have plans for multiple viewings in theaters. I also found this infographic on /film:

Honestly, that’s all I really wanted to share. To make it TV related, I’ll say this: tomorrow at 8 pm on CNN Larry King will be hosting a Harry Potter special. There. Something on TV. Watch it!