Question: Do you want a Whopper?

If YES – Do you have DirecTV?

If YES – Go to channel 111 right now.

If you don’t want a Whopper or have DirecTV, then you should check out this article on Mashable.

Alright, are we all on the same page? Everyone filled with Whopperlust?

Then let’s talk about what we’ve learned. BurgerKing created another wacky promotion.  Stare at a burger, get a free one…and they’ve already ran out of promotional Whoppers. Know what that means? A LOT of people wasted at least 5 minutes, and at most 45, for a free Whopper (or more). Yes it’s unusual, yes it got us talking, but it did the opposite of what is good: it required a sedentary activity for one of fast food’s least healthy sandwiches.

It’s an unusual idea, and that’s really what Burger King’s creative team is famous for, so I guess I should be impressed…I mean, how many brands can make consumers watch their advertisement for 45 minutes? Whopper fans are loyal fans. But man, I just wish that they’d encouraged healthy activity. Like, a Wii tie-in where you have to race for the Whopper! It could work, right?



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