TV Crossovers

Back in the day, ABC would occasionally have characters crossover shows on TGIF (Urkel on Full House was always a favorite of mine). Other networks and other shows would have crossovers too, and they were usually announced as an epic, crosspromotional event (Heck, they’re still doing it today: remember Stewie on Bones? Or the elaborate combination episodes on the Disney Channel? I think one time Hannah Montana was on a boat or something? I can’t remember).

Anyway, the moral of the story is, it was on one network, and it was heavily promoted. Community and Cougar Town, however, have taken things to the next level.  Earlier this season on Community, in “Critical Film Studies,” Abed tells Jeff about his experience as an extra on Cougar Town.  Now, in simpler times, we would just imagine what that cameo would be like, knowing it would never happen, because why would ABC and NBC allow such a crossover? However, in the age of obsessive online fans, the networks seem to be a little more willing to experiment. (Also, the people behind Community and Cougar Town are friends; a few of them used to work on Scrubs together.) Which brings me to a number of awesome things:

The episode: Community Finale, Part 2 (“For a Few Paintballs More”)

The scenes: Brief shots of Cougar Town‘s Dan Byrd and Busy Philipps

Then, a few weeks later, the hour-long Cougar Town finale airs and who should be in the beginning but…

It may not be exactly what Abed described, but it still made my day. I love this sort of easter-egg crossover. No big promotions, just a nice gift for fans. Dear Networks (and Cable channels), can we make more of this happen? My ideas include:

1 ) Don Draper on anything. Just give me something to last me ’til Mad Men comes back next summer.

2 ) Liz Lemon meets Ted Mosby; they date…she’s the mother.

3 ) The Animation Domination Hurricane Episodes that got cancelled. Just air them now, please Fox?

4 ) Bring back No Ordinary Family, then have them meet Modern Family.

5 ) Show the cast of Happy Endings surviving in The Walking Dead. (Side note, if you haven’t watched Happy Endings, but liked the unfortunately cancelled Traffic Light, it’s worth watching to fill that void. It’s not quite the same, but there’s some good stuff.)

6 ) Runway Idol. American Idol/Project Runway mash-up. They have to be able to sing and sew something fierce.

7 ) Andy Bernard’s car breaks down in Pawnee. He gets his shoes shined by Andy Dwyer.

8 ) Abed continues as an extra on every show on television, starting with The Wire.


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