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Maybe I’m an old soul, or maybe it’s my childhood education in southern television, but when I hear the word “Shazam,” I’m more likely to think of Gomer Pyle (see also – this video) than the music-identification app…and I’m starting to think that “music-identification” might not be an accurate description of this application.

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Summertime TV (aka. So You Think You Can Dance, IT Crowd?)

My Summertime TV experience breaks down into two facets: regular viewing of a few summertime programs and marathon catch-up sessions on critically acclaimed/highly recommended shows.  The past month includes regular viewings of So You Think You Can Dance, Doctor Who and the following marathon experiences:

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TV Crossovers

Back in the day, ABC would occasionally have characters crossover shows on TGIF (Urkel on Full House was always a favorite of mine). Other networks and other shows would have crossovers too, and they were usually announced as an epic, crosspromotional event (Heck, they’re still doing it today: remember Stewie on Bones? Or the elaborate combination episodes on the Disney Channel? I think one time Hannah Montana was on a boat or something? I can’t remember). Read the rest of this entry »