Finding a Mad Men Fix in This Crazy World.

A whole bunch of Mad Men drama went down while I was busy working RiverRun. I won’t go into all the sordid details; long story short, we won’t see Don, Peggy or Roger Sterling grace our televisions again until 2012. But all is not lost!

Think of this hiatus as an opportunity to spread the Mad Men love! Your friends, family and strangers on the street who haven’t seen this amazing show now have about a year and a half to catch up! Throw Mad Men viewing parties – it’s a chance for you  to see those great episodes again…and to grow the fan base. With a bigger fan base, hopefully we can stop these negotiations from ever being an issue again, and maybe we won’t have to face those ridiculous character cuts. Fans have power, we just might have to shout a little louder and buy some of the sponsor’s products (Chuck fans did it with Subway, we can do it with Unilever products).

But, if marketing Mad Men isn’t your style (even though you’d totally be living out the show in a nifty way), and you just need your 60s-era drama fix, “woot!” has made a list of six films that might just be able to fill that void. I, for one, hope to catch them all this summer…in between my Mad Men screenings, of course.


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