Meanies Love Inexpensive Data Plans.

A question: When did it become okay to sell products with jerky behavior? If you’ve seen a Sprint commercial lately, you know what I’m talking about.

Suddenly, with a cell phone, it’s okay to break up with someone, deliver devastating news, or annoy your family to the point of endangering relationships in the COLDEST WAY POSSIBLE.

Now, I’m sure when the Sprint idea folks were throwing this idea around, it started something like this:

Ad Man 1: You know how people can be rude on phones sometimes?

Ad Man 2: Yeah? Like texting during a meal? Like that?

Ad Man 1: Yeah! That?

Ad Man 2: Yeah?

Ad Man 1: That should be our commercial!

Ad Man 2: People texting at meals?

Ad Man 1: Yeah!

But, as it evolved into a full commercial series, it changed from something that “happens sometimes” to people being horrible human beings, and therefore less relatable and less likely to sell a product. But I guess Sprint’s just doing whatever they feel like…not being Verizon or AT&T means that they can really do whatever they want.

Also hopping on the “Jerks Can Totally Sell Products” train is Healthy Choice:

Get it? Being honest means you say everything that pops in your head! EVERYTHING! (I wonder if the aforementioned Ad Men worked for Healthy Choice too).



One Comment on “Meanies Love Inexpensive Data Plans.”

  1. Debbie says:

    You hit the nail on the head. I don’t like commercials that say it’s o.k. to act like a jerk to get what you want.

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