HIMYM Returns!

And for once, there’s not a story that ends with Marshall blaming his weird behavior on his dad’s death. No, this time, he blames other people’s weird behavior on his dad’s death. Now, understand that this is the father-son relationship season, with the overarching Marshall and Barney plots, but it leaves us ladies out in the cold. Regardless of my sense of separation from the season arc, this week’s episode was still an improvement from the Marshall plots in the past few episodes.

It also had John Lithgow, one of my favorite sitcom actors (I love me some 3rd Rock From the Sun).  Lithgow did a fantastic job as Barney’s estranged father, and Neil Patrick Harris really tugs at the heart strings. If you want to see some precious Barney, you should definitely check out this episode.

Side Note:

-Robin thinks the North Pole doesn’t exist, and Lily has some great physical comedy. Ted pronounces chameleon like…well, I can’t find a clip, so you should just watch it.


2 Comments on “HIMYM Returns!”

  1. Jordan says:

    While I know it doesn’t seem like these father-related episodes leave much to the ladies, I promise you that these episodes really do speak to anyone who’s ever lived without a father, male or female. Especially this last one, when Barney finally meets him after all this time and wonders “if you were just gonna be some boring suburban dad, why couldn’t you have been that for me?”. I know it’s never something that you’ve had to go through because your dad is awesome 🙂 but they did an incredible job of capturing the combination of betrayal and pity and forgiveness and jadedness that all make up crazy situations like this. I have never felt more attached to this show than I did this week, and needless to say I cried like a baby haha

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