In my Wanderings…

…around the internet, I occasionally stumble upon things that are awesome and worth posting on my blog, but don’t quite warrant a full blog on their own. Here are a few of those things:

1) Check out this article on Netflix’s push for original programming.  I already watch most of my television online, so I think I’d be okay with this decision.

2) The real food pyramid. It’s no wonder that we’re all eating too much, the subsidized food pyramid works that way. (And I’m sure if someone created a “food advertised” commercial, it’d be pretty similar to the subsidized one.)

3) This is my constant Tetris struggle.

4) Comic Time:

This is something that I think about a lot…a world without Wikipedia. How would I survive? I also think about my poor mother, growing up without Hulu and missing out on some classic SNL (along with other decent TV).  Man, we are SO internet dependent.


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