The Many Mighty Morphin’

I don’t know about you, but I get nostalgic for old TV shows sometimes. Some people get Nickelodeon-nostalgic (Pete and Pete, etc.), but I didn’t have cable as a kid, so I’m nostalgic for the shows I could pick up on bunny ears. I loved Arthur on PBS, and my brother and I loved Saturdays, when some of the cable shows the cool kids watched would be aired on Fox, NBC, ABC and WB.

We were huge Power Ranger fans. We went to one of the live touring shows and got to go backstage and meet the Pink and Red Rangers “in person!” (I wanted to be Kimberly, the pink ranger, because Tommy, the red/white ranger, was SOOOOO cute…also because I liked pink.) About a year ago, I joined some friends in watching old episodes on VHS tapes, and, while that was a great way to feed my nostalgia, I found something equally, if not more, awesome. Check out all the Power Rangers ever in this epic battle from the original Japanese series.  It’s awesome.

(Kudos to for the link)


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