Cereals With Self-Destructive Habits

Who here’s seen a Frosted Mini-Wheats Commercial? “We all have,” you say? Well, you should watch this one anyways. Enter the Frosted Mini-Wheats Theatre and click on the second video.

Anything creepy to you? Maybe it’s the part where one Mini-Wheat acts like a representative for his brethren. A sacrificial representative…he’s selecting the time and date that some of the other Mini-Wheats will be killed for the greater good (full and focused children). I can’t help but wonder if the Mini-Wheats exist in some sort of totalitarian society where the elites are sacrificing their lower-class brethren in order to safely coexist with humans.

Some of their other commercials make it seem like they’re consciously killing themselves. Maybe it’s a Toy Story situation…like the Mini-Wheats are the squeaky alien toys and the children eating cereal are the Claw. Maybe getting eaten is part of the Mini-Wheats religion? Either way, it’s creepy, but it won’t stop me from loving the cinnamon/brown sugar ones.

(As a side note, the campaign for the new ‘Touch of Fruit’ Mini-Wheats characterizes them as “female.” Apparently, all of the regular Mini-Wheats are male, and the fruit-filled ones are female, except they don’t talk, walk or have personalities. Comments on gender, much?)


One Comment on “Cereals With Self-Destructive Habits”

  1. […] being. It adds a layer of unnecessary creepiness, as if the foods are in some sort of cult, happily sacrificing themselves to the mythical humans, assuming that it impacts a greater cause. But what if the brand makes the […]

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