NBC Thursday: Justice Beaver and the Ankle Show

Before I get started talking about the shows of NBC Thursdays, I need to rant about a commercial that kept airing last night; the Old Navy Ankle Show. It was an annoying song, a silly premise, and, it actually makes me miss those mannequin commercials. MADE ME MISS THEM. Watch it here; it’s not bad once, but imagine hearing it twice for every NBC show. And imagine it’s the 18th century. Then it’s SCANDALOUS. But I digress.


This episode had everything I loved about Community; jokes coming a mile a minute, a side-adventure with Abed and political commentary. Well, maybe that last one isn’t Community specific, but I still loved it. You see, Joe Biden’s coming to visit Greendale, and he wants to meet the student government, so the Dean has about seven hours to elect a student body president. Annie, of course, decides to run, along with Pierce, Jeff, Magnitude (Pop! Pop!), Garreth, Leonard, Starburns and Vicki. Troy and Abed play CNN-like commentators, and the best jokes of the night are their candidate profiles and the Ticker at the bottom of the screen. I was constantly laughing, and, in the end, that’s what makes a good episode for me, that and 90’s-era Jeff auditioning for the Real World: Seattle.

Side Notes:

-Awesome Gag: Abed makes notches on the desk for “Classic Wingers,” Jeff makes notches for “Ab Mentions,” and Troy, well he just makes “Notches.”

-Why Pierce ran for President: “I was only here to get back at her [Vicki] for not lending me a pencil.”

-“No matter what you’re told, we have to clean the mold!”

-Honestly, there are so many great jokes in this episode, it’s better just to watch the episode and experience them for yourself. So yeah, watch “Intro to Political Science.”

Perfect Couples.

This was an episode of immaturity, we had bad winners, clingy couples and irresponsible realtors. It’s like they all regressed to their teenage selves.  Also, this line: “It’s good Mom’s not there.” “Cause she’s dead! It’s perfect.”

The Office.

I do not like Todd Packer. Not even a little bit. Whenever his character enters The Office, I get a little sad and uncomfortable. That’s how most of the characters react, though, so I guess that’s what Packer’s supposed to do…make you feel really uncomfortable. However, the writers of this episode managed to keep it from being too awful by giving us Packer in small doses, then giving him his just reward. It also helped that they gave us the best pairing The Office can offer: Dwight and Jim. They were amazing as the party planning committee, and now they’re back, and they’re seeking vengeance on Packer (Prank ideas included jamming his desk so it only opens two inches, eat a frog, eat a dog, eat a brog, and Peptobismol in hot chocolate). That team-up, along with Pam’s most charming corruption made for a pretty fun episode.

Side Notes:

-“Please make sure no one is humping me.”

-Dwight in regards to the final prank: “It was not my first choice, Jim had much better ideas.”

-“Can I open the kimono with you?”

"Who is Justice Beaver?" "He's...a crime-fighting beaver."

Parks and Recreation.

It used to be that Leslie was my favorite character on Parks and Rec. but it’s slowly becoming Ron. Why? Because of this steak-lovin’ episode. Ron’s eager to visit his favorite steak restaurant in Indianapolis, but when they get there, they find it closed down. Ron, depressed beyond compare, seeks out other steaks, but has no luck. He eventually ends up at a diner and gives us this gem: “I know you think I said I wanted a lot of bacon and eggs. But I want you to give me all of the bacon and eggs you have. ” Other really sad plots happened, and one happy one with April and Andy, but I was in it for Ron.

Side Notes:

-“You should probably get out of that. I think she’s gonna murder you.”

-“Misshapen celebrity castle!”

-“[His real name is] Dante Fiero, but Dennis Feinstein is way more exotic in Pawnee.”

-“Ask her to bring garlic salt. I’m worried Chris doesn’t have any.”

-“I’m the Yoda of networking.”

-“I can smell your dreams, Tom. I can smell them from here.”

30 Rock.

This episode of 30 Rock had a lot of potential to make big statements because it was addressing a big issue: how women treat/view other women.  Women sometimes have a habit of putting each other down, instead of building each other up and creating solidarity. Liz doesn’t like how sexualized the guest writer is and knows it’s not the “real” her. She tries to build her up and out of this flirty, juvenile character, but when that doesn’t work, she goes the build-down track, and publicizes an old video of the comedienne when she was cooler and brunette, instead of overly sexualized and blonde (Lady Gaga allusion anyone?).  The writers of 30 Rock could have commented a bit more to discussing girl-girl relations, but they had to leave room for the awesomest part of this episode: Alec Baldwin and Chloe Moretz facing off in an epic battle of egos. Watch it. She’s great.

Side Notes:

-Worst Beach Body? Ruth Bader Ginsberg. (And as a supreme court nerd, I love this joke.)

-There was also a Highlander allusion!

-“I support women! I’m like a human bra!”

-“When I first started working here, an eight-year-old Shirley Temple taught me how to roll a cigarette.”

-“NY gives us a tax break for employing sex offenders. It’s a terrible plan.”


-Kenneth would like is legacy to be a Sesame Street-like TV show that promotes illiteracy in girls.

-“Steve Carell owns ‘That’s what she said.’ He OWNS it.”

-And, just so you know, “the only thing that cures ice cream headaches is sex on a motorcycle.”


Surprisingly, nothing offended me in the cold open this time, so I had to wait until there was something odd I could comment on in order to stop watching. That took about eight minutes. I’d like to comment on two things:  they had a sitar-influenced version of ‘Under Pressure,’ and while I was watching, they had THREE montages. Seems like a little much.

(Non-NBC Thursday side note: I’m watching the Independent Spirit Awards on IFC right now, and the best joke so far is Banksy’s true identity: Alex Trebek. Also, these updates will probably permanently be moving to Saturdays.)


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