Guerrilla Fact or Gorilla Fiction?

So, remember my favorite Super Bowl ad of all time? The Cat Herders? Well, today I found out who made it – Fallon, a Minneapolis-based ad agency that was also responsible for this H&R Block ad:

Ads like this one, that involve big stunts and man-on-the-street reaction shots always catch my attention. It’s mainly because, at the end, I’m left wondering how many of those people were actors and how many of them were actual witnesses, who had no idea it was an H&R Block ad. I doubt the folks at Fallon would tell us if the witnesses were actors, but I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt just because I like the ad so much. Ads like these are an opportunity to truly blend PR and Advertising. If there hadn’t been any cameras around, the “wrecking bunny” would’ve been classified as a PR Stunt, and the ideas would’ve crossed professions.

It takes some definite out-of-the-box thinking to create ads like these. Fallon was able to take the message that H&R Block wanted to send out and bring it forth in a fantastic and visually impressive analogy. Since effective messaging is the most important part of a good ad, in the long run, it doesn’t matter if this was a truly guerrilla stunt or not; I know that I’ll always remember that having the wrong tax tools is like a bunny for a wrecking ball.

(For a little more information on this ad, check my source: Bob Geiger at Finance & Commerce)


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