Local Ads (aka. Eat at Dari-o’s every day…For Sixty Years)

Last night, after the SNL: Backstage documentary (which was awesome, and they have clips here), I was so absorbed in my sudoku that I didn’t notice the late news, but I did hear the “this is paid programming” announcement, I looked up to see a “talk show host” talking to two lawyers about their “How To Get Workers Comp” video set. It had that made-locally-with-your-best-friend-pretending-to-be-a-professional-something vibe. There’s something special about commercials/informercials like that; the businesses had the money to buy the time, but they had to create the ad themselves.

One local ad I keep seeing is for a local auto glass business. It’s a court room scene in which the owner (?) argues to the judge and jury (suspiciously filled with a few minors) that his company in no way cons the customer. It’s set up so that the plaintiff shares a rumor she heard about the company and he clarifies it. Cut to the judge, an adorable little girl, who declares the company  “not guilty.”

I may have messed up some of the details, but it’s not an ad that’s easy to find online. I’m sure the whole family is very proud to see it on TV, especially the little girl-judge (WHOA, as I wrote that last sentence, a different, glass-related just came on TV. CRAZY. It also utilized an adorable little girl and was for Pfaff’s Auto Glass). That’s the best part about local ads. They may not have been written by top advertising professionals, or used the best equipment out there, but they’re creative and they have some heart to them. These folks may not be professional actors, but they’re clearly having fun, and in local ads, I think that should be the point.

An example of a fun, wry local ad:


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