State Farm is There

The other series of ads State Farm’s been releasing are intentionally quirky, and it’s usually to good effect. Exhibit A:

This one is my favorite, not only because of the frantic nature of all of the characters, but how adorable the State Farm agent is: “Hey Guys!” “BUFFALO!!” “Say it again!”

However, like the campaign before it, this series of ads also carries a weird secondary message. While the first states: “Our spokesperson is insane,” this one says “our agents have magic powers.” In the commercials, not only can they conjure sandwiches, hot tubs and cute girls and boys, but they can change one’s cellular composition and teleport (read: BEND SPACE) through the power of a jingle.

Now, I realize that this is all just exaggeration to attract young adults who aren’t really thinking about insurance or who are just using the same provider as their parents, but it really distracts from the actual message of the commercial. Off the top of my head, I don’t know what the message is. If I think about it, I guess they’re saying, “We’re reliable.”

Regardless of what their message is (aka. USP – unique selling point, to throw some marketing vocab in there), I’ll continue to laugh while those guys freak out at a buffalo and the crazy spokesman talks to no one. So, I guess you’re doing a good job, State Farm. After all, I don’t forget your ads.


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