Like a Good Neighbor

For some inexplicable reason, most insurance companies seem to have pretty quality commercials. They also seem to have more than one campaign going on at the same time. State Farm has two campaigns going on right now (that I can think of), and they seem to be targeting two separate audiences, but both campaigns are pretty odd.

The first campaign goes with a more traditional insurance commercial set up. A man with a nice speaking voice talks to you about these troubling times and how it can all be made better with insurance. The twist that makes it weird? In State Farm ads, he’s always talking about a situation that’s happening near him, usually within hearing distance. But for some reason, no one seems to notice that he’s talking to thin air.

That aspect of the commercials has always bothered me. I’d think to myself, doesn’t anyone notice this crazy man?!? Is he an insurance-touting ghost? Apparently, State Farm read my mind, and came out with this commercial:

Well, not exactly that one. I can’t find the one that I’m actually talking about, but let me explain it. At the end of the longer version, the spokesman walks off, and the newsstand owner asks, “Who is he talking to?” Which means: THE STATE FARM GUY IS CRAZY. CRAZY. People can actually hear him, and they’re ignoring him…just like most people do when they witness someone on the street talking to themselves.  By releasing that version of the commercial (though they now seemed to have pulled it), State Farm is harming the credibility of their spokesperson while creating potential for an intriguing back story. They could explain why he started talking to a non-existent audience about insurance! It could be a whole epic saga!

Or…it could continue to be a campaign intended for an older audience; even if it attracts a younger audience with all the crazy. Next time, we’ll talk about the campaign actually intended for younger, less-like-to-already-have-insurance viewers.

(Side Note: Survivor’s back! Now there’s something else to watch in order to avoid American Idol!)


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