Rainbow Spiders

I have a friend who wrote a play in high school where a horde of zombies/ninja/villains (I can’t quite remember) sang a variation of the Mentos theme song. Ever since then, I can’t think of that theme song with a straight face. I end up laughing to myself whenever I hear it.

I guess it’s a good thing, then, that Mentos has updated their slogans and commercial themes and ditched that weird spectacled guy…I mean, what could be worse than a super cheesy theme song and creepy looks from a guy at some restaurant?

Oh, that is worse, that is so much worse. I absolutely terrified of don’t like spiders. I also don’t think the slogan quite fits the insanity of the commercial. The main selling point of Mentos Rainbow is that the colors are in order, so there are no surprises, not like those horribly unorganized Life Savers candies, or you know, real life. Instead, “it’s better to know what’s coming next.”

It’s better, I guess, to assume that all spiders are blood thirsty killing machines with immense strength that are out to get us. We must leave the house armed with Raid and World Book Encyclopaedias to drop on them. And then…once you’ve accepted the truth about spiders, you’re ready to start snacking on Mentos Rainbow!



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