Mid-season Replacements

I’m not much for mid-season replacements. I get into a sort of TV schedule during the year, and then I don’t have “room” for new shows come February. I’ve only had one mid-season replacement that I’ve stuck with, but at I think I chose well…it was just a little, quirky mockumentary about a mid-sized paper company that turned in to a mammoth of a series that shows no signs of stopping, even when, maybe it should. You know what I’m talking about, right?

I like to imagine that when the documentary they're filming is finally released, the whole office will become filthy rich.

Well, there’s a new mid-season replacement I’ve been drawn to, staring an Office alum, David Denman. It’s called Traffic Light, and it’s surreal to watch Roy be any character who isn’t a paper warehouse worker, but it’s possible. Denman plays a married lawyer who still likes spending time with his bachelor buddies (all friends from the ol’ baseball team).

Roy seems to be doing well, even after that devastating break-up with Pam.

The premise of the show is a bit like a stoplight party:


Adam=Living with his girlfriend=Yellow

Ethan=British/Perpetually Single=Green

The three lights are the three leading men the show revolves around, and there’s a pretty cheesy monologue in the end that emphasizes their stoplight roles. Though the pilot was pretty conventional, I think it has a lot of potential, and the reviews I’ve read about upcoming episodes seem to hint that it’s going to get better.  I’m eager to see what sort of identity the show develops that will make it stand out from shows with similar premises (i.e. Perfect Couples)

Side Note:

This was the funniest joke in the episode.

…The saddest part was realizing that Ben was dead. Hopefully, future episodes will be happier.


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