Super Bowl Previews

Tuesday night, while watching a rerun of No Ordinary Family, (because as cheesy as it is, I kinda like it, and once there are new episodes airing, I’ll explain why) I saw a crazy ad.  Something with strange editing, clips of old car ads saying “More,” and the message, “Prepared to be Deprogrammed 2-6-11. ”

Well, I’m always a fan of “viral” marketing (I say “viral” cause I’m not sure it’s truly viral if it’s paid advertising space), and I’m also intrigued by ads that promote future ads, so I did a little research, and ended up at this website:

See all the crazy stuff at

There’s a lot of hype-building things going on here, and some funny/strange jokes, if you want to check it out. It’s all part of the campaign for the Hyundai Elantra. The basic message is that the car industry has tricked us into thinking that we should be satisfied with tiny compact cars, but the Elantra is here to change all that by being MORE. It’s a fitting campaign message for a car that’s sort-of being debuted during one of America’s greatest celebrations of MORE, the Super Bowl.

I couldn’t actually find a video of the commercial that I saw, but this one is equally crazy:

Budweiser’s also hopped on the advertise for Super Bowl ads train, and though I enjoyed seeing the promos during the conference championships, I feel that those ads were completely unnecessary. We already know that the company has high-quality Super Bowl ads, and we’re all familiar with the product.  Even in the world of DVR, you can’t fast forward through a live event if you’re watching it in real time; the commercials should be safe from being skipped.

But, regardless of their intentions, Budweiser’s released some “sneak peaks” for our viewing pleasure:

The Super Bowl’s only a few days away, get pumped!

Betty White got a SAG, a new sitcom and a hosting gig on Saturday Night Live, all because of one Super Bowl Commercial. Who will be boosted back into the spotlight this year?


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