Rebranding Produce

In my current post-collegiate state, I’ve been watching a lot of television. And while I’d like to say that it’s at least all groundbreaking, well-crafted dramatic series that really make one think about the human condition, a whole lot more of it is House Hunters and Say Yes to the Dress. I spend most of my day flipping between HGTV and TLC. (As an aside, I have gotten some really good ideas for decorating an apartment when I get one, and I’m probably going to submit our house for the new series HGTV’d.)

It was on one of these channels that I first saw a new Pictsweet commercial. I didn’t really know anything about Pictsweet, though I vaguely recalled seeing their food in the frozen vegetables isle. The commercial really caught my eye, however, because of the Head of Marketing.

I spend at least 60% of my time thinking about possible jobs, and when I saw “Bob” on the plow, I moved Head of Marketing and Plowing from my “Possible Jobs” list to “Never-in-a-million-years” list. But even if I didn’t want to be Bob, I liked  the joke. We all know that the higher-ups aren’t actually plowing fields,  but it’s nice to think that they’re as down-to-earth as the next guy.

I went on the Pictsweet website to see how recent this ad was, and, what should I discover, but an announcement that this ad is a part of a new campaign to associate Pictsweet with family values! Not only is Pictsweet sending out new ads, but they’re changing their packaging.

Why would a company need such a new look? Well, back in October, Pictsweet got into some trouble with recalls. They found glass in their peas. Nothing says big, impersonal company like missing something that big during production. So, with the start of a new year, they’re starting fresh and they’re thinking about family with a new site, new ads and new packaging.

I’m a big frozen peas fan, so I wish them the best of luck and hope that this rebranding is an actual reflection of safer practices.


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