Men Talking to Men

Before I start talking about what Men’s Wearhouse is doing now, I want to give a little side note about last night’s SAG awards. They did a shout out to commercials (since people in commercials are screen actors too)! I was pretty stoked about it, because it highlighted all the things about commercials that make them stand out: the creative gags and the silly jokes.  It’s nice to see commercials get some love, even if it was a three minute montage.

Now, onto the new campaign for Men’s Wearhouse. The business hired Mullen (a firm in Winston-Salem, NC! Woo!) to create a livelier series of ads that are less about suit specials and more about how it feels to shop at Men’s Wearhouse. Unlike the Bride ad, the  new campaign is definitely talking to men. (I’ve never seen any of these ads aired on WE.)

The commercial takes places “where men belong” (the trenches, the stake out van) and juxtaposes it with Men’s Wearhouse…another place where men belong…AND where they can find fine fashions. Now, I could go on a feminist rant about how it’s kinda sexist to say women don’t belong where there’s fighting or crime-stopping, but I’ll just take a breath and remember that these ads aren’t for me.

The change in the slogan, removing the “you’re gonna like the way you look,” and Zimmer’s limited presence in the video seem to be steps taken to make the ads more men-friendly. I know they’d definitely get my Dad’s attention (he loves war movies).

These commercials don’t warm my heart like the “Bride” ad did, but they aren’t supposed to. Men’s Wearhouse’s change in messaging may be just what they needed to get men interested in suit shopping. (That, and the line, “We’ll let them know you’re coming. RELEASE THE PIGEON.” It might just be me, but I find messenger pigeons to be amusing…how reliable could they possibly be?)






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