NBC Thursdays

So, my favorite night of the TV week is “Comedy Night Done Right” on NBC. I watch it for Community, but I stay for The Office, Parks and Recreation, and 30 Rock. I hope to give my thoughts on the shows here weekly, and work on my TV reviewing skills.


I was thinking yesterday about how some characters on Community support themselves. We really don’t hear about jobs, and with some characters, like Annie, Britta, and Shirley, we don’t know where they get their money, or how they pay rent and tuition. (How interesting that we don’t know how the women stay afloat, but with the guys, it’s pretty much obvious…I’m assuming that Jeff has lawyer funds, though that may not be true).

Anyways, it’s as if the Community gods heard my questions, because this episode addresses Annie’s financial situation. The girl’s collecting cans to make ends meet. She’s also saved everything from babysitting, birthday money, and the “period fairy.” (Apparently, a magical being that leaves a dollar under your pillow every time you get your period.) So, when Pierce wants to give her a check (he says for “being strong,” but it’s clear it’s a bribe to get more lines in the anti-drug play), she’s pretty willing to take it since she’s worried about making rent for her apartment above “marital aids store” Dildopolis.

Annie’s the character I most identify with (I’m also pretty high-strung and by-the-book), so her financial struggle was the most interesting part of the episode for me. The B-plot, with Jeff and Britta’s nephew’s miscommunication via text was amusing enough. Chang’s heroic antics at the end were spectacularly done by Ken Jeong. (A Carolina boy, by the way.)

I don’t want to give too many plot points, because I want you to watch it. Community’s the most fantastic show on TV right now…I highly recommend it. So, go to Hulu and watch now!

Side notes:

-Jeff Winger’s the coolest cat I’ve ever seen.

-“I’ve done a lot of acting…workshops.”

-From what I can tell, Pierce gives Annie about 300 dollars. (Though, it might’ve been 304? Kinda random number.)

-The Hawthorne Towelettes commercial is suspiciously similar to the Smucker’s ads.

-I really like what they’re doing with the Chang/Shirley arc. For a more elaborate discussion of that, go to the AVclub.

-Is it just me, or did Abed unconsciously catch that baseball?

Perfect Couples.

During this show, I baked cupcakes for my mother’s birthday (which is today: Happy Birthday, Mom!). Chocolate cupcakes with York peppermint patties baked inside. YUM. Anyways, I find this show kind of dull, hence the baking activity in place of viewing.

The Office.

The cold open filled my life with joy. I’d been watching the first series of the BBC version in preparation for that moment…and it was everything I’d hoped for, and more. Honestly, it didn’t matter what happened the rest of the episode, just to see that was great.

But, there was an episode, and it wasn’t half bad. Andy tried to sell paper under the guise of a small business seminar. Kelly, Kevin and Creed ended up helping out (Creed was the best), after Dwight, Phyllis, Stanley and Jim bailed for various reasons.

Jim’s bailing out was actually a really amusing sub-plot involving a bad end to a friendship from his childhood, but it’s part of a trend the last few episodes where Jim’s presence has been notably lacking. I’m sure it’s just because John Krasinski’s filming something…at least we saw more Jim this week than last week.

Overall, a pretty funny episode. Watch it.

Side note:

“Where’s your jetpack, Zuckerberg?”

Parks and Rec.

When Parks and Recreation first started, I felt like I was cheating on The Office by watching it. But now, it’s become its own show, and dare I say it, at this point, it’s better…not than The Office in its heyday, but better than the current manifestation of The Office.

This episode involved half the cast getting a serious strain of the flu and ending up in the hospital. While I’m not that emotionally invested in the lives of the Parks and Rec. characters, not like Community or The Office, I still enjoy seeing Amy Poehler be awesome. Her sales pitching can even stand the effects of a high fever and an overdose.

I’m looking forward to watching the rest of this season, if only because I loved Adam Scott in Party Down.

Side note:

-“You had me at Meat Tornado.”

30 Rock.

I want to be Tina Fey when I grow up…and make meaningful looks at Alec Baldwin while melodramatic music plays.


I refuse to watch this show. I usually leave it on until a joke makes me sad…that usually takes about thirty seconds into the cold open. This time, it was some kind of fart machine.


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