What We’re Doing Here

As a graduate with a lot of time on my hands, I’ve decided to give myself a project that will keep me busy and creative, and hopefully give people something to read, while I continue my job hunt.

Maybe it’s all those AP English classes in high school, but I have a tendency to analyze things. Literature, music, TV shows, and advertisements; I critique them all (probably more than necessary).  Since my family and friends have heard all my editorial comments, I’m going to start posting them here. I’ll write some about my favorite TV shows, but I’d also like to spend time discussing an under-appreciated art form: the commercial.

Why are commercials so impressive? Well, maybe it’s just because I’m a journalism school grad, but I know how hard it can be to come up with a creative piece that sells a product, reaches the target audience and only lasts 30 seconds. I also know that whoever made up that commercial is proud to see it air and, most likely, has a proud mama who brags that her son/daughter put together that piece.

The number of people who appreciate commercials and PSAs is much smaller than the number that fast-forwards through them, but hopefully I can help point you to the commercials that stand out, for what ever reason, good or bad.

So, think of this blog as a night of television: parts on shows, and commercials in between.


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